Carmel 2014

E Berry ..2014

2015 D.P

R.Parker 2014

Loiza .D 2014
I never miss a class. Libby is one of the most inspirational, intelligent, beautiful women I've ever met!! I always leave class with a refreshed outlook, feeling confident and wanting to embrace the world. Love you Libs xxxxx THANK YOU for everything ♥

T K. 2012
Yoga at home is good but just not the same as at Yarra valley yoga — with Libby Mitchell.

E liza M ...07
I just want to write and tell you how much Yarra Valley Yoga has helped me change so many aspects of my life.
When I started in Jan '07 I felt sore and tired from looking after my 8 and 2 year old children. With my 2 year old not being a great sleeper my back and my health has always been put on the back burner. But since finding your Yoga and Pilates classes I have made time every week and sometimes (when I can sneak out) twice a week. Just having that couple of hours per week committed to myself and opening my eyes to all the benefits of Yoga, has resulted in a huge change and shift in my health, spirit and overall well being.
Thank you so much for helping me get back into check and also for helping me regain my self confidence as well as revive my healthy spirit. My family are all enjoying the benefits if me enjoying yoga with a happier, healthier lifestyle.
Thanks again Libby.....

Moira .M 09
I just wanted to let you how much I
have enjoyed my first term of Pilates and Yoga. The care that you give to each person and their ailments is fantastic. I feel like i have come along way in such a short time and I
am really looking forward to my future journey with Pilates and Yoga. Although I still have a back pain it is nothing like I was experiencing in January, 08, and I am now enjoying going for walks.

Ange 07
Libby's powerful combination of Pilates and Yoga has provided relief from long term back pain. After trying many kinds of therapies, I've finally found something that works.
If it only eliminated pain that would be enough, but it does much more than that. Physically, it builds amazing muscles exactly where you need them, to stand up straight and live your life. Pilates gives strength and form to your posture. The world is a different place when you can stand strongly and without pain.
The result of Pilates and Yoga is empowering, rather than dependency making, as having treatments can make you feel.
The journey for me, is one of self exploration, discovery and development. Not only has it enhanced my strength, flexibility and fitness, but it has helped to integrate my mind with my body, taking my knowledge to a new level, prompting harmony and balance within my self, through working with grace and integrity.
Finally , a better understanding of the gift that we all possess - our own bodies. A remarkable, highly intelligent organism that is quite often unfortunately mistreated and taken for granted.....Thank you Libby.

Anne S 2007
As a pupil of Libby's for 7 years at Yarra Valley Yoga I have found her teaching to be outstanding.
Her individual attention to the needs, specific care and requirements of her pupils is very thorough.

I have been a student with Libby for about three years, and a long term student of yoga for over thirty years. My classes with Libby are a welcome event every week. I am a sixty year old male and my class is a mixture of young and old, fit and fragile. Libby creates an atmosphere of friendly interaction, empathy, and caring.
The meditation session at the beginning of class is instructive and a peaceful, blissful way to start the class. The exercises are not stressful, and can be as hard or as easy as I wish depending on my condition, encouraged by Libby at every stage, the same level of care and concern is afforded to all class members. I am of course biased toward Yoga as a life style because I believe the philosophy and exercise is truly beneficial for my health and well being, and you could say I am biased toward Libby.
The truth is her classes are structured and well thought out with out being aggressive. libby encourages each student to get along at there own pace ( almost every class has a giggle moment, where someone try's a pose and collapses on the floor ) no one is judgmental, the object is to enjoy the challenge and experience the benefit. Libby is a great teacher and the real deal if you want to have a true Yoga experience then try a class with Libby Make your own website